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Neue Liebe...

Neue Liebe



Hinzugefügt von Linda Li am 27. August 2013 um 7:31pm — 1 Kommentar

SWISS ARTIST CONTEST 2013: Finalrunde in Casacanditella - Progetto Evo

Die Gemeinde von Casacanditella (I)

in Zusammenarbeit mit dem…


Hinzugefügt von Manuella Muerner Marioni am 8. August 2013 um 11:48pm — Keine Kommentare

Iran (Persia) Belongs to All of Iranian (Persian)

In the Name of God

I would like to draw your attention to history of our religion. Imam Ali and our great prophet are the first people who consider the rule of law and teaching of God in their life. They consider themselves equal with any people in the street.  Exactly they are people who lead by setting high bars and best examples. This means any person who would like to follow their custom is equal with any people in the street in front of law. Therefore king and…


Hinzugefügt von Hootan Dehbonei am 2. August 2013 um 5:04pm — Keine Kommentare


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