My Basic Spiritual Questions and Answers - Brief Version

The questions where we are coming from, where we are going to, what are our tasks in this life etc. are not important for me.. My way to understand the spirituality is different.. I prefer to enjoy my time on this world and I dont like to waste time with unanswerable questions.

It seems for me if such questions are a different kind of endless occupational therapy ... Onlife ;)

For me there are 3 reliable responses..

Where am I coming from?

2 people act to love, I call them my parents.

Why I am here, what is my task?

No idea, therefore I... make the best out of it....

Where am I going when I die?

Because I never ride dead horses. I also never waste time with unnecessary questions


Spiritualy.. ? Yes, I have a very profound spiritual life. Maybe deeper then many other people.. who knows?

Is it possible to be happy without curiosity to such important answers?

I give you only two of my simply answers.

I am not afraid of death because I got the capability to fully enjoy the limited life time... and..

I professing myself to a spiritual soft materialist..with a lot of love in my heart to nature. I have since no more human contradictions that concern me.

Warm regards from a turkish woman living in paraguay, whos descendents lived in profound spirituality in the himalayas, the first shamans, before some moved to little asia (now Turkey)


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