Runa Zumara, et alii Copyright © 2010 –
Innovating Erotic Kaleidoscopes’ Art of Video:
The golden and turquoise Runa logo, 1984–2009
The colours in blue red and green stream kaleidoscopes, 1995
Run a cat in blue luck, 1995
The part of the colour pills, 1995
Easy and nice erotic, looking at the coral tree's waves, 1995
Being puzzled by the puzzles, 1995-2010
The lady's face and her cheap sun glasses, 1995
The red hair cat and top boots, 1995
The pink Runa logo made in 2009, 1984-2009
Top colour streams in pinks or yellows, 1995
Playing and touching in white gloves, 1995
Flip the swing into the centres, 1995
Lady stocking runa, 1995
Misc a line, 1995
A dreaming lady cat, 1995
Mosaic Information:
Model and pictures Runa Zumara © 1995
Photos Tijtta © 1995
'Two Sides' music-CD EVM Rudolf Corchia © 1999
Text layout and video production Ulrich Kiefer © 2010 Deutschland (EU) All Rights Reserved.

Actives city control dance declare financial heart high healthy ideal lofe check-ins, 共, 艺术

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