This is the RZ gold medal, colorful and diagonal, 2010. 1982– 20 10: We show the diagonal steps, presenting the steps dancers climbing the steps in this movie, all together climbing up the steps.

Raining drops: all about the steps in a huge city and a face behind the window.

As a result, you can see the rain drops on the high-way. 1982-2010.

This is the aura of this face and of its shadows, 1982.

Steps in red and white in a turquoise environment of red and white lines, 1982.

The silver flash in black, yellow and red, 1982.

The colour-light pyramid and the water-colour light colour, 1982.

The 3D-Pyramid, 1982.

The crossed ball-pyramid-powers, 1982.

Design colourful diagonal, 2010.

Pictures, Cover Graphics and Ideas by Runa Zumara, St. Gallen, Switzerland, 1982–2010.

Musics ‘tigth-rope dancer‘ 1982 by swiss rock 'The Steps‘ with Jack Conrad & Co.

Text, Layout and Video Productionsby Ulrich H. Kiefer; Runa Zumara © 1982-2010. All Rights Reserved.

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