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Persian (Iranain) National Unification Movement

In the name of God As Persian (Iranian) I remember the end of Pahlavi Regime and Islamic Republic Revolution. At those days the beauty of passion for freedom smells everywhere. The slogan of those days were Freedom, Independent and Islamic Republic of Persia (Iran). Everybody remember the Regime changed with 98% of votes. What we miss in those days that we repeat the same situation after 33 years. What we miss is a detail in the picture of those days. In those days everyone says if Shah would… Fortfahren

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Egyptian Historical Identity and Treasure belong to not only Egyptian but also to Humanity

In the Name of God

As a Human I am proud of Egyptian and their right to control their destiny. Humanity heard your voice and is most respected by any free human around the world. At the same time I am not in a position to decide for this great nation however as a human I would like to fight for what I believe belongs not only to Egyptian. Hereby I announce a campaign for protecting humanity treasure and civilization’s history. Any human has right to fight for a great Human…


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