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Think the Unthinkable, Move the Immovable, Expect the Unexpected, and Connect the Unconnected.


SICU: A Globally Active Virtual Organization and Strategic Alliance

Entschuldingen Sie bitte, aber ich habe meistens meine "schilehrer Deutsch" vergessen als ich habe als ein schilehrer vor 27-jahre in Österreich gearbeitet.


I founded Synergialaitos.Com ("Synergy Society") in 1999. It was a symbiosis of my two companies: T&M Project Management, founded in 1986 and Tomcom Marketing Communication Ltd. founded in 1996. After a quick process of internationalization and differentiation, I had to internationalize the name as well. By this SICU, which is the acronym of the name and slogan Synergy Integrated - Connects the Unconnected, was launched in 2004.

About me

I'm the founder and sole owner of SICU (Synergy Integrated - Connects the Unconnected), a Multifunctional Marketing Agency, and the SICU Synergy Solutions Group (SICU SSG) - a Globally Active Virtual Organization and Strategic Alliance Specialized in Quality, Creativity, B-2-B, Multilateral Marketing Communication, Social Media Marketing and Project Management.

I operate as a Creative Marketing Integrator and Communication Coordinator, who has been described as an inborn lateral thinker, self-willed way maker and rebellious forerunner.

I belong to an amount of social and business networks, and have created and coordinate divergent SICU Synergy Solutions- and the Helsinki Connection Groups on divergent platforms. I have been told that I'm the most connected individual at least in Finland, Scandinavia and the Baltic Countries. I'm very well connected globally as well.


To gather together an "inner circle" of global partners and members of the SICU Synergy Solutions Group who are motivated to grow their business together, and to build-up the foremost virtual organization in the world.


Reading, Imaging and Writing - Alpine Skiing, Sailing and Fly Fishing

I'm looking for

Forward looking global partners and clients interested in branding, co-branding, differentiation and in unconventional marketing methods and communication channels.

Global partners and clients who are interested to utlize all the opportunities Social Media, and a Globally Active Virtual Organization and Strategic Aliance have to offer.

Lateral thinkers who have the Guts to Fight against to become Trapped in Traditional box-organizations, and interested to become global partners of SICU.

I have to offer

Creativity and an inborn ability to perceive relations between different things. Extensive knowledge and more than 25-years of experience in Multilateral Marketing Communication, Unconventional Marketing Methods and in Project Management.

An amount of Social- and Business Networks, Special Groups and a huge amount of business contacts Worldwide... to be utilized as Communication Channels and Direct Contacts.

A Globally Active Virtual Organization and a Strategic Alliance Specialized in Quality, Creativity, B-2-B, Marketing Communication and Project Management.

Interesting collaboration opportunities with Artists for Freedom - A globally active project fighting for human rights and to use the POWER OF ART to spread the facts, knowledge and misery of MODERN DAY SLAVERY.

Slogan: Connects the Unconnected.

Train of thought: Think the Unthinkable, Move the Immovable & Connect the Unconnected.

SICU Synergy Solutions Group

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Gepostet am 27. Februar 2010 um 6:00am 0 Kommentare

From a marketer’s point of view, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) should be seen as a corporate - non-profit partnership, where the objectives are both the mission of the non-profit organization and the business purpose of the company.

Partnerships should be mutually beneficial relationships that involve the exchange of something of value from each participant, and clear responsibilities, shared… Fortfahren

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Um 9:31am am 24. Februar 2010 sagte Hanno Reitschmidt...
Hello Tom,

It's a great pleasure to have you in my network; hope we can share our experiences and fields of interests through this network.

Have a great day!



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